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Welcome to the transformative journey with Paul Anthony, a world-renowned natural bodybuilder dedicated to sculpting not only bodies but also lifestyles. With years of experience and a passion for holistic health, Paul's personal training program goes beyond the gym, focusing on empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. Whether you're a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete aiming to reach new heights, Paul's tailored approach combines cutting-edge techniques with timeless wisdom to achieve sustainable results. From customized workout plans and nutritional guidance to mindset coaching, every session is designed to inspire, motivate, and guide you towards a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of yourself. Join Paul Anthony and embark on a journey towards greatness, where the possibilities are limitless, and success is inevitable.
24 Sessions - $2,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
36 Sessions - $3,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
48 Sessions - $4,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
60 Sessions - $5,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
72 Sessions - $6,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
84 Sessions - $7,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
96 Sessions - $8,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
108 Session - $9,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
132 Sessions - $11,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
120 Sessions - $10,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
144 Sessions - $12,000.00 CAD (+5% tax)
Thank you for choosing Paul Anthony's Personal Training for your fitness journey. By engaging in our training services, you acknowledge and agree to consult with a physician before commencing any exercise regimen. Furthermore, you accept full responsibility for your physical condition and any associated risks, agreeing to hold Paul Anthony, Primetime Fitness Inc, and Dreambody harmless from any injury or harm incurred during training sessions. Please be advised that all training sessions must be utilized within 12 calendar months from approval, with no extensions or refunds whatsoever. We're excited to embark on this transformative journey with you!
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